FastArc offers mobile and workshop welding services. We specialise in Marine fuel tanks and repairs. If you are looking for welding companies in Bundall or the surrounding areas, Fast Arc offers service that will exceed your expectations. Please contact us today at 0432 847 123 for more information about our services and to discuss your metal work or custom fabrication needs.

Fuel tanks

Fast Arc Marine Services is a leading company that provides the best quality marine aluminium fuel tanks. We use the highest quality aluminium on the market and Australian made ….

Hand Rails

We specialise in custom Aluminium or Stainless Steel boat hand rails. The hand rails are designed to give stability and style to your boat while boating in rough conditions.


Not having Transom Steps can make it hard to get back into the boat via the rear step. At Fast Arc we have different styles and sizes of boat Transom Steps. We can also fabricate ….

Hard Tops

It’s surprising what a difference the hardtop makes to your boat and how much value it can add. At Fast Arc we can custom fabricate the right hard top for your boat or a hard top attached …

Centre Console

A centre console boat can be a dream come true for many recreational fishers, boats with a Centre console are a popular breed of leisure craft – and with good reason. They handle well in …

Bait Tanks

To create the right environment for healthy and active live bait, oxygenated water has to circulate through the tank. Good bait tanks come with a pump system that ensures consistent flow …

Outboard & centre pods,engine mount

This is where centre console on a boat shines! As well as having good rough water capability, centre console boats offer an abundance of standing room and open space, making them ideal …

Trolling motor mount,

Boats do not tend to go in a straight line. Because of this, it is much easier to pull a boat than to push a boat. It is also easier to move the bow of the
boat sideways compared to moving …